News Letter

For just some of the things we do within the school calendar, take a look at our New Letter. Click here to view the latest News Letter.

Merit Awards

These awards are given to our pupils on a weekly bases for their outstanding work and behaviour. The images in our gallery are just some of our pupils receiving there merit awards. Click here to see the Merit Awards Gallery

General Activities

We have a very wide range of school activities.

Pictures of some of these are available under the links "50th Anniversary", "Green Flag Day" and "Photo Album"

We have a never ending variety of school activities, too many to list here. Some of our general activities include:



Our school choir, under the direction of Mrs Loughlin, provides music for many of the important occasions that occur in the school. They sing at First Communion, Confirmation, end of year Mass and all other school celebrations.


Sports Day

We value sport as a means to developing each child and instilling the importance of team work and healthy activities. Our sports day is always great fun for all who take part.


School Tours

School is never all work. Our school tours take the children out of the classroom to give them new experiences and allow them to know their classmates in a social setting other than the classroom.


End of year concert

Our end of year concert allows the children to show their talent and develops the self awareness and confidence the is needed to succeed in today's world.

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