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Teachers In-service Training


The Board of Management of Scoil Aodán Naofa recognises its responsibility towards the on-going professional development and learning of the teaching staff. Such a commitment leads to:

§ Continued learning opportunities for teachers

§ On-going enrichment and motivation of teachers

§ Multiplied beneficial effect to the school’s “end learners” i.e the children.



1. At the beginning of each year, in consultation with the teaching staff, the Principal will identify the key teacher INSET areas, which will be of most benefit to the school as a whole.

2. Through the course of the year, suitable INSET courses in these areas will be identified. Depending on demands and budget available, a percentage of the course fees and related expenses will be paid for by the Board of Management.

3. The Board of Management will commit a budget towards Teachers INSET. The budget will be allocated so as to provide the maximum numbers of courses to the greatest number of teachers based on the following criteria:

§ The teacher INSET course correspond with an area of need identified by the Principal in consultation with the staff in the current year.

§ The staff member undertaking the course is agreeable to make a presentation to colleagues at a staff meeting, disseminate notes and actively share knowledge, practice and skills gained at the said course.

§ The course taken will enhance teaching and learning in the school.


Success Criteria

The quality of teaching and learning will determine the success of this policy. This can be determined by:

(a) feedback from teachers, parents, pupils

(b) results for standardised testing and teacher designed tests

(c) assessment by whole school evaluation.


Review: This policy is due for renewal and review during 2015.

Reviewed and ratified by Board of Management

Date:_________________ Signed ________________________ Chairperson, Board of Management.

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