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Scoil Aodan Naofa Carnew

School Improvement Plan - Numeracy (Mathematics)

2015 - 2018.

1. Introduction

1.1 Focus of the evaluation.

As part of our ongoing work in the school., we conducted a school self evaluation of teaching and learning this year. We focused our evaluation on the teaching of Numeracy (Mathematics). This plan has evolved from the School Self Evaluation Report which is available to view on our website, www. or by request from our school office. This school improvement plan sets out the actions that we will undertake in the school over the period 2015 - 2018.

2. Summary of school self evaluation findings.

2.1. Our school has strengths in the following areas:

  • 85% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their children enjoyed maths.
  • 81% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child was learning maths at just the right level of difficulty for them.
  • 76% of the pupils have a positive outlook towards maths.
  • The overall average percentile score in standardised testing of maths in 2014 was 55.4 and the average STEN score was 5.5. This is well within national norms.
  • The whole school inspection report of 2012 noted the " Mathematical concepts were clearly explained and firm connections were made to pupils' own environment.

The strengths are based on data gathered by pupil, parent and teacher surveys, by analysing results of standardised tests and by taking account of reports from Dept of Education inspection reports as well as information gathered from teacher observations.

2.2 Our school has decided to prioritise the following areas for development.

  • Problem solving in maths. The success rate in correctly answering word problems in standardised tests in 2014 was 41%
  • Communication with parents. 46% of parents disagreed or strongly disagreed that they receive good information about their child's progress in maths.
  • Fractions/Decimals/Percentages. 38% of children report that they do not like fractions and decimals.

We decided to prioritise these areas for development based on the data we gathered from pupil parent and teacher surveys and from teacher observations.

2.3 Our school has set the following targets for improvement which are related to pupil achievement in mathematics and has identified the following actions which will help in achieving those targets over the next 3 years, 2015-2018.

3. We will know if we have achieved our targets by:

  • standardised test score results
  • cuntais miosuil
  • teacher designed tests and teacher observations
  • parental feedback
  • pupil and parent surveys in 2018


4. Parents can help us by:

  • Checking and signing your childs homework each night
  • Encorporating maths language, problems and tasks into everyday activities in the home (eg counting and sorting cutlery: telling the time: sorting & classifying).
  • Informing teacher of any issues/problems child may be experiencing.


This plan for Numeracy will be reviewed during the school year 2018/19.

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