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Record keeping and Data protection

This policy was drawn up by the staff and parents of Scoil Aodán Naofa, Carnew following a review process during the school, year 2008/09.


·          Teaching is informed by pupil learning needs and the recording of where a pupil is in relation to his/her learn is a cornerstone of good teaching.

·          Education Act Section 9(g) provides that parents (or students of 18 years or upwards) are entitled to have access in  the prescribed manner to records kept by the school relating to the progress of the student in his/her education.

·          Attendance at school has a bearing on a pupil’s attainment levels.

·          Education (Welfare) Act, 2000, requires principals

1.        To communicate to a school, to which a student is transferring, any problems relating to school attendance which the pupil concerned had and  any other appropriate matters relating to the pupil’s educational progress.

2.       To keep a record of the pupil’s attendance and the reasons for failure to attend.

3.       To inform the Education Welfare Officer in writing, Where a pupil is suspended for a period in excess of 6 days/ or where a pupil is absent is excess of 20 school days in a school year/or where in the opinion of the principal the student is not attending regularly.

·          The school’s existing procedures need to be clarified to ensure that the school complies with the spirit as well as the letter of the law e.g. accountability and transparency.


Relationship to the characteristic spirit of the school

Scoil Aodán Naofa seeks to enable each child to develop his/her potential in a caring environment where the talents of each child are valued. This work can best be done where there is a high level of openness and co-operation between staff, parents and pupils.



·          To record the educational progress that a pupil is making thereby enabling parents and teachers to support the child’s learning.

·          To report to parents in a meaningful way on the educational progress of their children.

·          To establish clear, practical procedures that will enable parents/guardians (or past pupils who have reached the age of 18) to access records relating to educational progress.

·          To ensure that this access is available within the capacity of the school to administer it.

·          To establish a clear understanding, shared by management, staff and parents, as to the type of records that are maintained and how such records should be made available.

·          To ensure that the school complies with legislative requirements while awaiting  the issue of guidelines as to the ‘prescribed manner ‘ referred to in section 9(g) of the Education Act.

·          To ensure that, in so far as possible, the school complies with legislative requirements/principles of good practice while awaiting the issue of guidelines.



Records kept in relation to the progress of students will include:

·          An annual end of year report for each student, prepared by their teacher(s), a copy of which is sent to their parent(s)/guardian(s) and a copy retained by the school for future reference.

·          Standardised Test Results – Micra T, Sigma T, Drumcondra Reading, and Spelling Test Results.

·          I.E.P.s and I.P.L.P.s

·          Results of screening and diagnostic tests if required.

·          Records of attendance in school.

·          Enrolment Forms on registration in school.

·          Copy of NEPS or HSE psychological reports, if applicable

·          Records of incidents of injury or accident

·          Records of breaches of Code of Discipline

·          Indemnity form for administration of medicine

·          Copies of Exemption from Irish Certificates if applicable.



Administration of Records


Access to records is limited to relevant health and education personnel working with a particular student. Access is granted only with the written authorisation of the child’s parent/guardian or of the student themselves once they have reached the age of 18.



A Written request must be received by the school from persons requiring access to pupil records, other than the parent/guardian of such pupils who may request such information in person.

The school requires a prior appointment to be made in order to give such matters appropriate and full attention. The school will make every reasonable effort to fulfill requests for records at the earliest opportunity pending parental or guardian authorisation.



End of Year test Results

Scoil Aodan Naofa currently uses the Fallons reports booklet for school reports to parents/guardians. Sigma T and Micra T results will be included as will general comments from the class teacher. It is our policy to post these results to families in June each year. Separate reports will be issued to parents who live separately. Booklets are stored centrally in the school office, locked in a filing cabinet and locked each evening. For greater efficiency in managing record and information it is our intention  to source and Information Management system (IMS) in the coming year.


Outside Agencies

Records are shared with third parties only with the authorisation of the pupil’s parent/guardian. It is our policy not to copy or share , loan or request a copy of a pupil’s psychological assessment from this school or from any other school. This is a matter for the pupil’s parent/guardian to divulge or otherwise.


Past Pupils

Past pupils or their legal guardians may request any or all information held by the school, pertaining to themselves to be released to them by written authorisation. The school reserves the right to keep a copy of any or all such information for reference purposes.


Staff Records

Only information relevant to an employee’s employment in the school may be held in the school records.  These may include:

-           Contact telephone numbers for work related correspondence only.

-           E-Mail address for work related correspondence only.

-           Contracts of employment.

-           Record of attendance, leave, illnesses.

-           Correspondence to or from school management relating to work matters only.

School senior management (principal, chairperson Board of Management) and school secretary will have access to such information on a need to know basis and only in relation to an employee’s work in the school. Such information is securely stored by the school and is protected by Data Protection Legislation.


Success Criteria

Feedback from staff, parents and in – school management team will indicate the success of the policy.


Roles and Responsibility

The School principal will have day to day responsibility for the implementation of this policy. In practice, the school secretary will have a key role in the safe management, storage and retrieval of records and data.

As data entry person, the school secretary has access to sensitive staff records of employment and, as such, understands the need for discretion and confidentiality in all such matters .


Date of Implementation

This policy will have immediate effect upon it’s ratification by the Board of Management but will dictate practice as and from September 1st 2009.



The policy is due for renewal if when new legislation or directives require change to its terms.

In any event, the policy is due for complete review in the school year 2012/13.



This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on ___________________

Signed: __________________________ Chairperson.

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