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1. Why give Homework?

§ To reinforce what child learns during the day

§ Practice reading/encourage an interest in reading

§ To get children into the habit of doing homework

§ To allow parents get involved and see what is being done in class

§ To make sure children understand the concepts taught

§ Helps revise key concepts

§ Children are expected to do homework to the best of their ability, no more no less.

2.How often is homework given?

§ This varies between classes but all classes have homework from Monday to Thursday. Homework may be assigned at the weekend for senior classes or if homework has been neglected during the week.

§ On occasion children are given a night off homework as a treat at the discretion of the teacher or Principal.


3. What is the content of the homework?

§ Generally homework will contain a balance between reading tasks and written tasks.

§ Homework will regularly contain reading, spellings, tables, written work, pieces to be memorised, drawing, colouring, research items for projects and finishing work started in class.

§ Parents can play a big part by listening to the child’s reading and poetry and ensure that they are done well.


4. How much should be spent on homework?

§ The teachers have given the following guidelines for time spent at homework. Different children will complete the same homework in different lengths of time. Time spent will vary from day to day and at different times of the year. The important thing to remember is that it is the quality of the work that matters more than the quantity. Make sure there are no distractions such as television / music, while homework is being completed. These are for guidelines only:


Junior Infants 10 mins

Senior Infants 20 Mins

First Class 30 Mins

2nd Class 35 Mins

3rd Class 40-50 Mins

4th Class 40-50 Mins

5th Class 45-60 Mins

6th Class 45-60 Mins


5. How much help should parents give?

§ Provide child with suitable place to do homework

§ Children should do written work themselves. Parents may help if child is having difficulties.

§ If a parent notices that the child is finding homework very difficult they should let the teacher know.

§ Paired reading is an extra to homework and should be an enjoyable experience for both child and parent.


6. How often should parents monitor homework?

§ Parents should check and sign child’s homework journal every night.

§ Homework journal is a means of communication between parents and teachers.

§ Ideally all messages to your child’s teacher should be put in the homework journal.

§ Please check that your child writes down all homework assignments neatly into notebook, and ticks off items when completed.


7. How often do teachers monitor homework?

§ All teachers try to check homework on a daily basis. However with large class sizes it is not always possible to check each child’s homework journal every day.

§ As children get older and learn to work independently, some items of homework are checked less often. It is important to remind children that they are doing the homework for themselves and not for the teacher.

§ Some items of homework and classwork are corrected by the children themselves under the direction of the teacher (for example Maths)


8. When should parents communicate with the teacher about homework:

§ When the child cannot do homework due to family circumstances

§ When your child is unable to carry out tasks assigned

§ If your child is spending longer than the recommended amount of time on homework.


9.When should homework be done?

§ All family situations are different, but homework should be done before the T.V. is switched on, soon after school while your child is still fresh. Other children may need a short break before starting into homework. Homework should not be left until the following morning.



If homework is a stressful experience between parent and child, then something is wrong. This leads to poor learning and defeats the whole purpose. Should this happen on a regular basis, please contact the class teacher.

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