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Class Allocation

Class Allocation Policy


The Board of Management recognises the importance of having a transparent policy in relation to the allocation of teachers to posts in Scoil Aodán Naofa. The allocation of teaching duties within the school is a matter for the Principal. Circular 16/73 states that the principal teacher “should arrange a fair distribution of teaching duties among the staff, taking into account the needs of the pupils and the abilities, experience, personality and preference of each teacher. S/he should utilise the services of staff with special qualifications or aptitudes in an organising or advisory capacity”.

Classes will be allocated to ensure that pupils benefit from the range of expertise available in the school. When allocating classes, consideration will be given firstly, to the children and their learning needs, then to the special skills of the staff and to providing them with a range of teaching opportunities. However, while there are significant and valid reasons for changing staff duties and responsibilities, it is also extremely important to ensure stability and take into account the totality of needs within the school.

When changes are deemed desirable the principal will consider

§ The specific needs of the particular class /group of pupils.

§ The characteristics of specific children within the class

§ Allocation of classes in previous years

§ The attributes of the teacher who has the class currently and the attributes of the teacher to whom the class will be allocated.

§ The needs of the particular teacher.

§ The desirability of retaining an experienced person at each particular level to ensure continuity.

§ Willingness to teach a particular class/group.

§ Distribution of collective expertise/willingness to share expertise with other teacher and groups.

§ Specific circumstances such as career break applications, retirements, job-sharing, SNA in classroom etc.

The following procedure is applied when classes are being allocated

§ Class Preference Forms will be circulated by the principal to each teacher. Teachers will be requested to write down their 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference and return these to the principal within the given time.

§ A record of choices will be kept by the principal from year to year.

§ If a staff member does not get their 1st preference one year, then the principal will try to accommodate them in a subsequent year, if possible.

§ The principal will, where possible, inform the class teacher of his/her allocated class before the end of the preceding school year.

A full review of class allocation will take place every three years.


Individual teachers will be facilitated to discuss their class allocation with the principal if they wish.

Ratified by Board of Management On ________________________________


Signed________________________________ Chairperson, Board of Management

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