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Book Rental


The Board of Management, in this policy addresses the requirements of Circular 35/91 regarding the provision of a loan/rental scheme for school books.



Having consulted the parent body, agreement was reached that the main benefits of such a scheme would be:

-significant savings in cost of textbook

-availability of books from the beginning of the school year

-greater access to a wider range of textbooks

-avoiding travelling and queuing for books in shops



The scheme began operation for the school year 2010/11. The Board of Management provided funding for the scheme initially and was subsequently reimbursed by fees raised from parents and the D.E.S. Book Grant of that year. A new account was opened called Carnew National School Book Rental Account, to from which all monies are now transferred.



·          The Parent Association in association with the school secretary and the teaching staff, operate the scheme annually.

·          A fee of €50 per child, 1st to 6th class, or €35 per child, Junior/Senior Infants is charged to each family in May/June annually.

·          Books have been researched, identified and listed by the teaching staff for inclusion in the scheme.

·          The Books are then ordered on-line through

·          Old, existing books are checked, repaired or discarded in late June to determine the numbers required for ordering.

·          When the new books arrive, the Association, with the assistance of the school secretary, stamp the books and label them with the relevant child’s name. The books are then distributed to the appropriate classrooms in time for the beginning of the new school year.

·          Each teacher takes responsibility for the collection of books at the end of the school year and in ensuring that the correct amount of books is identified for ordering for the following year.

·          Books that are no longer required by the school are sent for recycling in accordance with our Green School Policy.



The Parent Association, the Principal and Scheme Administrator (i.e. school secretary) meet in the first term each year to discuss the success of the scheme. Items to consider include:

-Quality of service for the books provider

-Price of books including discounts received

-Money raised through fees. How to deal with families who have not paid or fully paid their account.

-How to minimise costs for the following year.



This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on: ___________

Signed: ______________ Chairperson Board of Management


Review Date: School year 2012/13

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