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Accidents and Injuries


This policy has been drawn up by the Board of Management and staff of Scoil Aodán Naofa, Carnew in order to:

1.        Comply with all legal requirements regarding the safety and supervision of pupils.

2.       To put in place procedures for best practice where accidents or injuries occur.

3.       To comply with the terms and conditions of our insurance policy.



1.        The Board have appointed a safety officer, currently Fr. Martin Casey who will, in collaboration with the school principal and caretaker, monitor any hazards which may emerge in or around the school building and grounds. Steps will be taken immediately to remediate any such hazards. (See also School Safety Statement).

2.       In icy or snowy conditions, the school will open when all paths in or around the school building have been treated or cleared. Children are not permitted to play outside in wet, icy or snowy conditions.

3.       When children are restricted to the all-weather surface during the winter months, ball games, chasing games, running games are not permitted. rough play is not permitted at any time.



1.        On enrolment to the school, parents/guardians are asked to sign a consent whereby, in the event of accidents to their child, which necessitates professional care/treatment, the school may, if unable to contact either parents/guardians, bring their child to a doctor/hospital as appropriate. Details of health or allergies pertaining to each child are also sought on the enrolment form.


2.      Definitions

(a)                 A minor injury is defined as a cut, scratch or bruising which would be treated in normal circumstances by a parent themselves and does not require professional medical treatment.

(b)                 A serious injury is defined as a deep cur requiring further inspection and/or treatment, or suspected damage to bones, ligaments, joints, muscles or the eye area. In addition, any heavy knock to the head will be considered to require further attention. Parents will always be informed in such instances and the child will be kept under careful observation until taken into care of the parent/guardian.


3.      Responsibility

The post of responsibility for first aid is currently held by Mrs O’Hara. Any accidents or injuries to children are referred to Mrs O’Hara for assessment. In consultation with the principal, a decision is then made whether to contact parents/guardians. We always err on the side of caution when making such decisions. All teachers/staff have a duty of care towards children in the school.


4.      Procedures

(i)                   In the case of a minor injury, the teacher on duty sends the child into the staff-room for assessment by his/her teacher or by Mrs O’Hara. Cuts, scratches, bruises are then treated appropriately.

(ii)                 In the case of serious injury, the child, if possible, is brought inside to the staff-room. The fist aider post holder and principal are informed and the parents/guardians are contacted immediately.

If necessary the doctor is also called to alert him of the need for immediate intervention and the child is then brought to the clinic for assessment/treatment In the case Scoil Aodán Naofa, our local G.P. Dr. Doyle has his clinic across the road from the school. His number is clearly and prominently displayed in the secretary’s office.

(iii)                Contact details, including alternative emergency numbers for each child are stored in folder form in both the Principal’s office and the Secretary’s office. These are updated annually or when individual numbers change.

(iv)                When minor injuries occur which do not necessitate contacting parents, a note in a child’s journal from the class teacher to the parent/guardian may be written how the injury occurred.

(v)                  The first aid kit is stored in the staff-room. It is monitored and updated by the post-holder for First-Aid, currently Mrs O’Hara. The kit includes disposable gloves which should be worn when treating injuries, particularly blood injuries.



A written accident report is conducted when a serious accident/injury occurs or when an act of physical aggression is carried out by a pupil. These records are then kept in the Principal’s office, filed under Incidents/Accidents. A brief record is also kept on the yard folder which teacher on duty maintains on a daily basis.

These records are submitted periodically to the Chairperson, Board of Management for inspection.

When required, these records will be made available to the school’s insurance company or the Health and Safety Authority, as appropriate.

As with all records for pupils, confidentially is of the utmost importance and information is subject to the terms and conditions for the Data protection Act.

5.      Review

The policy will be reviewed every 4 years during the term of office of each

Board of Management. Responsibility for this review lies with the Chairperson, in conjunction with the school principal and the post-holder for First Aid.



This policy was reviewed and ratified by the Board of Management on _____________.

Signed: _______________________ Chairperson.

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