News Letter

For just some of the things we do within the school calendar, take a look at our New Letter. Click here to view the latest News Letter.

Merit Awards

These awards are given to our pupils on a weekly bases for their outstanding work and behaviour. The images in our gallery are just some of our pupils receiving there merit awards. Click here to see the Merit Awards Gallery

School Staff

The school staff include academic, administrative and maintenance staff.

Each staff member plays a vital role in the delivery of our service.

Details of our current staff are available below.

Carnew National School Staff 2013


Principal:                                Mr. Kevin O Donnell


Deputy Principal:                   Mrs. Christine Doyle


Teaching Staff:                      Ms. Michelle Griffin

                                               Ms. Bridget Dunne

                                               Ms. Marie O'Riordan

                                               Ms. Louise Noctor

                                               Ms. Paula O'Riordan

                                               Ms. Tracey O'Sullivan

                                               Ms. Rita Whelan

                                               Mrs. Bernie O'Hara


Learning Support Teacher:    Ms. Marie Byrne

                                               Ms. Caroline Young

                                               Mrs. Christine Doyle 



Resource Teacher:                 Mrs. Christine Doyle

                                               Mrs. Caroline Young

                                               Ms. Marie Byrne


Special Needs Assistants:     Mrs. Leah Holmes

                                               Mrs. Miriam Doyle

                                               Mrs. Susan Rooney


School Secretary:                  Mrs. Joanne Edwards


School Caretaker:                  Mr. Liam Farrelly

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