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For just some of the things we do within the school calendar, take a look at our New Letter. Click here to view the latest News Letter.

Merit Awards

These awards are given to our pupils on a weekly bases for their outstanding work and behaviour. The images in our gallery are just some of our pupils receiving there merit awards. Click here to see the Merit Awards Gallery

School History

Carnew's first school was established on the instructions of Earl Fitzwilliam of Coollattin, in the building, which now houses Carnew Enterprise Centre. Earl Fitzwilliam was appointed Lord Lieutenant in 1793. On his arrival in Dublin, he was determined to grant Catholic Emancipation. His liberal agenda was so vehemently opposed, by the Dublin establishment, that he was recalled by Sir William Pitt in 1795.
He carried his liberal agenda over into the administration of his estate, founding multidenominational schools at Carnew, Shillelagh, Coolafancy and Motabower.
This being prior to the passage of the 1831 National School's act, he also paid teacher’s salaries. Part of Coláiste Bhride now stands on a field he made available, for the grazing of cows, to supply milk to necessitous children.

The present School was officially opened in 1958, as a four-teacher school. Due to increased enrolments in the late sixties, two pre-fabricated buildings were erected to the rear of the school. A further increase in enrolments in the late seventies, necessitated the re-use of St Aidan's club - the original school building.
In 1980 The Department of Education sanctioned the erection of a permanent extension, which included a general-purpose room and 4 new classrooms, making 8 in total. This extension was opened and blessed by Dr. Brendan Comiskey, Bishop of Ferns, in October 1985.

The latest development of the school was the addition of two new classrooms in 2009.

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